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Welcome to Uniban Canada!

Canadian owned and based in Laval, Uniban Canada is a vertically integrated company. Uniban Canada develops and markets its glass distribution centers, technology platforms, and retail business network to insure better control of its value proposition.


Uniban Canada’s technology offering ‘’Conversense Suite’’ is marketed to organizations operating a high volume environment in the pursuit of increasing their process efficiencies and accuracies.  Our dedicated team assists each client in achieving their goals and accompanies them through training, conversion process and integration.  Our full service offering includes the support of Uniban’s elite call center, administrative services and user friendly application.


The pan-Canadian distribution network supports our national retail network of more than 320 auto glass repair and replacement service centers across Canada and 300 mobile units. Our experienced operational team provides professional training, marketing support and business growth development solutions.


The professionals at Uniban Canada and its affiliates are dedicated to serving our clients with respect and loyalty while enriching your experience and pursuing our economic development.

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