Our vision your future


Our team members have extensive operational expertise acquired in the industry over the years, making them exceptional consultants for existing franchisees and for anyone who wants to join our network.


In terms of technology, our human resources keep up on the latest developments, and thanks to this, Uniban Canada and its subsidiaries are experiencing unprecedented growth.


Our marketing initiatives are also supported by people who know how to stay on top of trends, who understand individual needs, and who continuously suggest innovative ideas that make up the Uniban trademark.


Uniban Canada also depends on a versatile, energetic administrative team, dedicated to customer satisfaction and to successfully carrying out every one of Uniban Canada’s mandates.


In short, our team consists of competent and dedicated people who are proud to work for a Canadian company with headquarters in Quebec, who respect the cultural diversity of the group, and who understand the full meaning of the expression “win-win.”

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