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Auto Glass Claims Portal

Together with the advanced call centre, the claim portal enables Uniban to provide comprehensive, high-quality customer service. There is no question that policyholders benefit from faster, more efficient service and with a greater level of accuracy than ever before. The portal is accessed via the Internet. Vendors are not required to purchase or install any software and they are not charged to use the system. The portal allows the vendor to instantly confirm coverage, produce a quote, and service the customer in a single step that takes an average of less than two minutes.


The portal also has a built-in audit process based on business rules that constantly monitor every step of the claim. The right balance can be achieved between customer service and customized business rules depending on the desires of the insurer. The flexibility of our technology and of the internal computer development team can in a very short time create business rules specific to the needs of our partners and their industry.


Here are some examples:

  • overall claim severity threshold;
  • moulding threshold;
  • multiple glass replacement threshold;
  • other customized business rules.


This “instant” service allows the policyholder to be serviced immediately upon entering the service centre (shop), which ensures customer satisfaction. This in turn, greatly pleases the glass dealer because it demonstrates that they have an electronic connection to the insurance company and the capability to provide fast and efficient service. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Another significant advantage is access to real-time statistical reports that enable managers to monitor the costs of each claim file.

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