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Conversense - Claim Management System

Conversense is a suite of online tools that integrate with all types of policy and/or claims systems (automobile, home, auto body or bodily injury), and allows the insurer to communicate with vendors, internal user groups, brokers, and even policyholders in a totally secure and workflow-based environment. Any intervention in the file is automatically recorded, regardless of the person involved, so that real-time management reports can be produced, thus facilitating follow-up.


Conversense ensures that all claims applicants have secure access to the centralized claims record online. This ensures instant access to real-time information. This collaboration increases efficiency and improves productivity in managing claims files, simplifies the claims process, increases the penetration rate of privileged vendors, reduces cycle time and risks and omissions, and provides significant savings in the costs usually involved in a claims settlement process in all areas of activity.


Conversense is designed for use for all steps of claim processing, from the notification of loss to final invoicing. Conversense, a Uniban product, was developed and perfected based on the insurance field and thanks to the considerable contribution of the user base in that field. Developed based on the processes and forms used by insurance companies, Conversense is strictly adapted to insurance company business rules; and after these rules have been configured, Conversense requires no IT resources from these companies.


Conversense is not a new technology but a tool that has advanced and been fine-tuned over the past 10 years. In fact, Conversense has been used monthly by thousands of users over the past five years and is proven and well accepted by insurance adjusters and vendors in Canada. The development phase has long ended and Conversense is a mature product that can be used right away.


For more information, visit www.conversense.com

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